Our currently available educational projects are:

  1. Project-based knowledge transfer with LEGO® robots-education and training program

Aimed at further training:

Participants will be aware of the approach, based on educational tools developed by LEGO® Education (WeDo robots, EV3 programming language) and advanced methodology, which contributes to the digital, experience-based renewal of education. Further training is also intended to ensure that participants:

  • Learn about mobile robotic concepts;
  • Get to know the characteristics of the various sensors used in mobile robotic technique, their characteristics and their application possibilities;
  • Get to know the EV3 programming language and enable it to apply;
  • To enable them to write and test basic programs using the EV3 programming language;
  • To enable programs to improve errors;
  • Empower them to run programs produced in EV3 language;
  • Enable the compilation, testing and running of mobile robots;
  • Educational use.