The ongoing and increasingly rapid change in the world implies, among other things, the need for a continual renewal of education. As one of the tools in education and training, LEGO® Education kits are used to help not only mathematics and science subjects, but also native and foreign language education, but even history can diversify Be.

LEGO® Education Kits Motivize learners not only through the game, the "grazing" experience, but also help to improve communication, algorithmic thinking, and emotional, social, and creative competences.

The LEGO® Education Innovation Studio of the University of Nyíregyháza is working to ensure the methodological background for the use of LEGO® in teaching. On the basis of appropriate theoretical knowledge and as widely as possible after practical testing, we will be familiar with the current and future users of LEGO® Education kits.

Research directions:

    • STEM in preschool pedagogy
    • maths toolsets in university courses