Our research areas

The ongoing and increasingly rapid change in the world implies, among other things, the need for a continual renewal of education. Lego® Education kits can be used as a means of education and education, with the help of which not only mathematics and science subjects, but also native language and foreign language education, as well as history, can be made more diverse.

LEGO® Education Kits Motivize learners not only through the game, the "grazing" experience, but also help to improve communication, algorithmic thinking, and emotional, social, and creative competences.

In the LEGO® Education Innovation Studio of the University of Nyíregyháza, we work to provide the methodological background for the use of LEGO® in the transfer of knowledge with tools. On the basis of appropriate theoretical knowledge and as widely as possible after practical testing, we will be familiar with the current and future users of LEGO® Education kits.

Research directions:

  • STEM in preschool pedagogy
  • LEGO® Education methodology in university courses

Studies and publications:

Krisztina Sebestyén – Balázs Nagy – József Mihály Szabó (2020): Opportunities for development with LEGO® sets in early childhood education. In: Journal of Child Rearing Science, Year 8. Number 1. P. 68-74.

Available online:

Anikó Bald – József Mihály Szabó (2021): The use of the LEGO methodology in primary school. In: Continue or start over?! XXIII. Publication of the National Conference of Experts on Public Education

Available online:

Tímea Tomori 2022. Modern methodological solutions for the development of communication competence (also). In. H. Timea Tomesz (ed.) The experience of digital education in communication skills development. Hungarovox Publishing House, Budapest.

Available online:

Krisztina Sebestyén – Gabriella Nagy-Able (2022): Let's make a map out of LEGO® elements! In: János István (ed.): A combination of tradition and innovation at the University of Nyíregyháza. Nyíregyháza: University of Nyíregyháza. 420-433.

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