The site helps you to use LEGO® educational tools, to understand the methodology, from preschool sets to robot sets used in schools.

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H-Didakt Kft. deals with the exclusive distribution in Hungary of educational and developmental tools for institutions under the LEGO® Education brand, as well as the related development and educational programs.


When presenting a story, a fairy tale, we often encounter a situation where the child wants the figure to be what he imagined. For example, when you want to give your figure your own clothes or your own look. To do this, you can use the cut-out and custom-made dressmaker that can be downloaded below for both Duplo and normal-sized figures.

Preschool kits

LEGO® sets for pre-school activities and developments.

LEGO Education early learning
LEGO® Education early learning

Coding Express by LEGO® Education

STEAM Park by LEGO® Education

Build Me Emotion’s by LEGO® Education

Story Tales by LEGO® Education

School kits

Development toolkits for school sessions, specializations, classes.

LEGO Education WeDo 2.0
LEGO® Education primary school

LEGO® Education StoryStarter – run-out product

LEGO® Education MoreToMath – run-out product

LEGO® Education WeDo 2.0 – run-out product

LEGO® Mindstorms® Education EV3 – run-out product

LEGO® Education BricQ Motion Prime

LEGO® Education BricQ Motion Essential

LEGO® Education SPIKETM Toolkits