Our research areas

The ongoing and increasingly rapid change in the world implies, among other things, the need for a continual renewal of education. As one of the tools in education and training, LEGO® Education kits are used to help not only mathematics and science subjects, but also native and foreign language education, but even history can diversify Be.

LEGO® Education Kits Motivize learners not only through the game, the "grazing" experience, but also help to improve communication, algorithmic thinking, and emotional, social, and creative competences.

In the Education Innovation Studio of the University of Nyíregyháza – LEGO® we work to provide a methodological background for the application of LEGO® tools. On the basis of appropriate theoretical knowledge and as widely as possible after practical testing, we will be familiar with the current and future users of LEGO® Education kits.

Research directions:

  • STEM in preschool pedagogy
  • LEGO® Education methodology in university courses


Krisztina Sebestyén – Balázs Nagy – Mihály Szabó József (2020): LEGO® possibilities of developing with sets in early childhood education. In: Child Education Scientific Journal, 8. Yearf. 1. Number. 68-74. Old.

Available online at: