LEGO Education methodology in the institutions of the Diocese of Nyíregyháza

A total of 20 teachers from the three public education institutions of the Diocese of Nyíregyháza participate in the LEGO® Education Innovation Studio of the University of Nyíregyháza.

In education and educational work, new opportunities must always be sought, so that we can pass on knowledge effectively in order to meet the challenges of the modern age. Father Tamás Szabó, the diocese's educational rapporteur, told our website. After the methodological training held by the LEGO® Education Innovation Studio (NYE – LEIS), it is hoped that already in the 2022/23 academic year this innovation will become part of the educational work in the primary schools of Szent György Kisvárda, Zsigmond Móricz from Mátészalka and St. Nicholas of Nyíregyháza.

"With this, we try to broaden, diversify and make the educational work of the diocese widening, diverse and competitive", the Education Rapporteur formulated the objective.  

"We encourage institutions to develop a profile that assumes the effectiveness of learning and teaching in the long run, taking into account the human resources and the composition of children," said Valéria Papp of the diocese's education office. In this endeavour, the maintaining expert also helps the individual institutions with the involvement of colleagues, the organization of further trainings and financial contributions. The application of the LEGO® Education methodology was offered to schools as a new opportunity, as was the movement therapy training led by special education teachers last year, as well as the introduction of experience pedagogical methods within the framework of the Wonder Deer Program.The GlobEng program, an application for learning English, is also included in the list of innovations, which is also available in the educational and social institutions of the diocese – thanks to the agreement between the diocese and the Debrecen software development company.

Lego Education Innovation Studio's 30-hour methodological training is designed to give educators and children a toy that makes learning more experiential by applying LEGO® tools to education in a variety of disciplines. During the three sessions, the use of thematic LEGO® sets and the possibilities of robotics will be studied, a curriculum will be provided for this, later the discussed knowledge will be put into practice by the preparation of micro-teaching and lesson plans, and practical advice and ideas will be supported by the participants, who will also receive a certificate after a final exam– outlined the course of the training, józsef Mihály Szabó, professional leader and trainer outlined the course of the training.

In 2018, the University of Nyíregyháza launched a studio unique in Hungary and Central and Eastern Europe, first in hungary and the region, where the lego® education methodology is adapted to the Hungarian education system and adapted to the Hungarian educational model. In the three and a half years since then, more than 800 teachers have been trained, said József Szabó Mihály LEGO® Educaon Academy Teacher Trainer.

You can listen to our summary of the training, in which we asked Father Tamás Szabó and professional leader József Mihály Szabó, on our podcast channel soon.


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Text and photo: P. Nóra Tóth/Diocese of Nyíregyháza

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