Position due to coronavirus

The government's 2020-2020 In view of the emergency imposed on 11 March 2011, following the instructions of the Secretary of State for Higher Education, the management of the University of Nyíregyháza, in consultation with the Institutional Defence Committee, shall provide for the management of the emergency caused by the coronavirus:

  1. 2020. 12-13 March the teaching break imposed under the rector's remit, the lessons are not held, the traineeship does not need to be completed.
  2. Case IHK/179-1/2019. By way of derogation from the chronological indicator number 10000, the date of spring break shall be 2020. 14-20 March
  3. Articles 1 to 2 shall be atime of 1-2. Students are not allowed to visit the University of Nyíregyháza during this pe
    riod.Please do not travel abroad during this period and, if possible, reside in their place of residence!
  4. 2020. 23 March distance learning will be introduced from the date of withdrawal. Students are not allowed to visit the University of Nyíregyháza during distance learning, internships do not have to be completed during this time.
  5. The contact clock of the training of the University of Nyíregyháza outside the seat is the contact clock of the Beregszász II. Ferenc Rákóczi is on hiatus at the Hungarian College of Carpathians, the training takes place in the form of distance learning.
  6. During the rector's break, spring break and distance learning period, the public servants of the University of Nyíregyháza in teaching, research, teaching, teaching, research and other jobs are required to work continuously according to the usual working schedule. The spring break is recommended to take paid leave for those employed in the teaching-researcher-teacher post.
  7. The Institute directors, the head of the Student Service Centre and the head of the Informatics Group, under the professional direction of the Vice-Rector of Education, will be able to take the 2020 European Convention on Education. 13 March (Friday) by 2 p.m., a plan of action shall be drawn up, including the reorganisation of education and its various forms of continuous distance learning.
  8. An electronic procedure should be applied to all student administrations. Maturing documents (validity of a student ID) are valid for 15 days after the end of the emergency, as decided by the Government.
  9. We call on the university's professor Emeritus and Rector Emeritus staff, as well as the 65th President of the University of England. Colleagues over the age of 15 years of age may be at a higher than average risk of coronal virus. So we recommend that you stay away from community occasions and university life until we have the opposite.
  10. Students of Hungarian nationality must leave their dormitory residence (i.e. Campus College, Hotel Sandra Youth Hostel) no later than 31 December 2020. 13 March 6 p.m. If and if the student of Hungarian nationality has nowhere to go, he or she can remain in the dormitory after examination of the application for equity addressed to the rector.
  11. International students are still allowed to stay in dormitories (i.e. Campus College and Hotel Sandra Youth Hostel). Students who remain in the dormitory are not allowed to visit, host or guests in empty student beds at the University of Nyíregyháza.
  12. The University's management does not allow indoor events of more than 40 people until this instruction is revoked.
  13. The electronic services of the Central Library of the University of Nyíregyháza are in operation, the rental service is in operation, but for the duration of this measure, visits to the reading rooms are suspended.
  14. The University's sports facilities, the swimming pool, the Tuzson János Botanical Garden and the "D" Study Building are closed for the duration of this measure.
  15. We oblige students, faculty and staff who:

A.  have been abroad for the last 14 days to stay away from university buildings and events for 14 days after returning home (their stay at home is a certified absence in the case of a trip organised by a university, and is subject to paid leave in the case of private travel).

B.  have been in direct contact with (contact persons) who have been abroad for the 2 weeks preceding the meeting to quarantine at home for the duration of the incubation period (2 weeks) and to stay away from university buildings, dormitories and events.

C.  have been in direct contact with a person suspected of having a viral infection to quarantine at home for the duration of the incubation period (2 weeks) and to stay away from university buildings, dormitories and events. The following i
n p. And (c) In the case of the period 2004-2003, the absence of colleagues and students voluntarily quarantined shall be considered as confirmed absences and shall therefore not result in a reduction in pay. Those who are segregated in the health care system will receive sick pay for the quarantine perio
d. A., b. And (c) Except for the leave, where technical equipment permits, remote work may be ordered by the employer.
A., b. And (c) The university's students are obliged to report them to the head of the direct workplace, and the students of the university are obliged to report them to the vice-chancellor of education!

16. From today, university students, faculty and staff will not be able to travel abroad until withdrawal (which is the case for official trips abroad, mobility programmes) and will not be able to receive visitors from abroad. Please suspend or reschedule your participation in a conference/mobility abroad.

17. International conferences to be held abroad at our University are requested to be suspended or, if possible, rescheduled until withdrawn.

18. Please note that everyone is personally responsible for compliance with the above provisions, failure to do so constitutes misconduct and endangering others.


This instruction shall be published on 31 December 2020. 12 March shall enter into force on the day of the date of its withdrawal.


Nyíregyháza, 2020. 12 March






Mrs. Vass. habil. Figula Erika

Dr. Nagy Zsolt


Head of the Asset Management Centre