The LEGO® Education MoreToMath toolkit provides a hands-on educational solution for primary school students and their teachers that teaches mathematical problem solving with visual representation of mathematical relationships.

It allows students to learn and confirm eight steps in math problem solving. With the challenges of familiar LEGO® brick shards and the real world, students are more motivated to think, write, and talk freely about mathematics. MoreToMath aims to improve students' problem-solving skills, mathematical vocabulary and thinking.

The MoreToMath Education Kit 2017. However, technical and software support will be available until 30 June 2019. It was extended until 30 June 2006. The kit can be obtained from the official distributor in Hungary from H-Didakt Kft. subject to availability.

Many children do not like it, and many like mathematics. They all know they care about their education.

With MoreToMath, we entertain kids and learn during entertainment, so we can use LEGO® sets as a manipulative tool. It's important to keep your devices close to your tasks. If the model is very elaborate, it can distract students. We don't build big models and we only use certain building blocks. It's important that tasks are motivating and that children understand why.


With 1 set, 2 students work.

Before use, students should be presented with the set. You have to playfully tell the stories with Mia and Max. First, it's good for the kids to sort the set themselves.

The set also includes a program (MathBuilder) that includes different stories, related worksheets and lessons. This program is designed for the teacher and requires an interactive tablet or tablet and projector. Students can also do the lesson at the board with the help of the program.

Worksheets indicate how many cubes and what cubes they can use. These, and only these, should be pulled out and the box closed. Be careful of this, otherwise the other cubes will be distracted.

Tip: color printing is not important because the color of the cubes is written on the page. If possible, you can lay the sheets and use them several times when writing with a deleteable marker.

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Bleed product, available only subject to availability!