Teachers ' Day-LEGO Education Methodological lectures

At the University of Nyíregyháza, the Institute of Kindergarten and School of Education and the Faculty of Teachers of the University of Nyíregyháza Eötvös József practicing primary and secondary grammar school, the "State Teacher Education" of the Year 150, held a whole day of events University of Nyíregyháza. 

2019. On 12 March, at the University of the Eötvös József practicing elementary school and grammar school in the morning, Dr. István Komárom was appointed by the director, and then the Class 3/A was followed by Gergely-gait, and then they tried to play old games in a rotating stage Young people in a classroom, have played folk-motion games for the special tools of pupils or "early school", and the activities of the students could be known.

The afternoon programs were resumed at the University of Nyíregyháza, where the lectures and presentations were carried out following the opening of Dr. Imre Rubenné, the director of the Institute for the Protection and teacher training of the kindergarten.

In the framework of the professional day entitled "Teachers Day", the work of talent management in Lego Education Innovation Studio at the University of Nyíregyháza could be seen. Lecturer at the University of Nyíregyháza at the Faculty of Practice elementary and secondary School of the school of Miskolc, Dr. Tunde Molnár of the mathematics subject was presented with LEGO, the first students of the school.

The 6th In the first round of the series, Dr. Balazs Nagy gave a lecture on LEGO methods in kindergarten and teacher training. He presented the tools that can be used and available, the essence of the methodology and the usefulness and possible results of teaching with LEGO tools. Then Erzsébet Kiss: The Academy of parents – A good start with A half-success presentation. David Mabuza The possibilities of the player singing lessons came from my own ideas, my teaching practice (LEGO, mobile phone, other games). "Bring nature closer to the children! Forest School program in the fourth grade, "he shared his experiences with those present in the guitarist Gitta Kondorosi. Finally, Dr. Imre Rubenné Practice makes the Master – the introduction of the practical training Diary to the practical training of students in teacher education has been heard by the participants.

   Source: www.nye.hu