The Iranian ambassador visited the University of Nyíregyháza

The University of Nyíregyháza and the future cooperation of Iranian higher education institutions agreed with the university leaders of Iran's ambassador to Budapest, Rajabi Yazdi Gholamali 2019. On 28 January at the University of Nyíregyháza.

During the discussion, the opportunities for educational and cultural cooperation between the universities of Iran and the University of Nyíregyháza were discussed, including the Erasmus + KA107 and stipendium hungaricum programmes. The ambassador was consulted with Mr. Dr. Zoltán Kovács, the general Vice-Chair of the university, presented the institution, Dr. Ildikó ACS, Vice-President of education has presented the institution's training palette and the development of cooperation between higher education institutions between the two countries, as well as future training, professional work and the possibility of student exchanges.

Following this, Rajabi Yazdi Gholamali visited the infrastructure of the University of Nyíregyháza, visiting the LEGO Innovation Studio, labs, workshops and the aircraft simulator.