Ceremonial Hall-Surrender: LEGO methodology in university teacher training

2018. The first LEGO Education innovation Studio of the region was inaugurated at the University of Nyíregyháza in Nyíregyháza on 17 October. In Central and Eastern Europe, the first time in the University of Nyíregyháza was the LEGO Education Innovation Studio. The classroom and the methodological centre, which brought the principle of the player's learning, have been inaugurates on Wednesday and have already taken possession of teachers, instructors and students and students involved in pedagogy.

Welcome to the event, said Vassné Dr. Erika Figula, rector of the University of Nyíregyháza, Dr. Ferenc Kovács, mayor of the town of Nyíregyháza, Sesztak, chairman of the Assembly of Szabolcs-Szatalready-Bereg County Secretary of state and Maciej Findlik, head of LEGO Education responsible for emerging European markets.


After the official strip cut, guests of the event were able to watch and view a presentation with students from the university Training School.


"This investment fits into the innovative development of the University of Nyíregyháza," he began as a welcome to Vassné Dr. Erika Figula, rector of the university. "It is an important objective of the institution to present the use of the most modern, effective and innovative methods of education with the teachers of the future. The LEGO Education Innovation Studio opens to help you develop knowledge, logical skills, comprehension, mathematics and the mastery of robotics, educational methods and collaborative experience, building on logic and game methodology. Children. For this experience, this method we will teach the studio to help educators and children. Our long-term cooperation with the Lego School factory in Nyíregyháza and the Lego Education network has shown that innovations in this region have been successful, the professionals working here are susceptible to new techniques and new methods " Rector of the University.

In Nyíregyháza, the LEGO Education Innovation Studio is part of an international network with a number of national teacher training universities in Western Europe. The methodological centre puts the focus on learning based on the experiential principle, which actively involve the students in the learning process. The Innovation Studio is also a community centre, bringing together schools, teachers, parents and students. The researchers and engineers of the future sit in the classrooms of the MA, and just wait to encourage them, attract their interest and enthusiasm. One of the great advantages of game-based learning is that you can raise, for example, STEM skills (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) with book-Smudgery, classical classroom teaching and the use of themes.

In the framework of the LEGO Education Innovation Studio, the instructors at the university's Teacher training institute in Nyíregyháza have learnt the methodological basics in the last few weeks, which are used by students in more and more teacher training You will be familiar with the principles and practice of advanced, playful teaching. Curricula have been developed in collaboration with academics and primary and secondary school teachers to attract students ' natural curiosity and provide a fun, playful way to help the basic communication The development of skills, creativity, collaboration and critical thinking.

Maciej Findlik, the CEO of LEGO Education's emerging European markets for Europe said: "We are all working here to give better education to today's children, but we also know that this is only possible if we have pioneered Training centers are created which are capable of hoing up new ideas and practices. As our world is constantly changing, the education system must keep pace with development. The University of Nyíregyháza is playing a major role in Hungary now, and we from LEGO Education are proud to be able to further strengthen Hungarian education by providing our solutions. "

Jesper Hassellund Mikkelsen, LEGO Manufacturing Ltd. The chief executive Director added: "In Nyíregyháza, the LEGO factory is one of the most advanced plastics manufacturing units in the world. We are constantly improving our technology and processes. We need professionals who are able to learn, evolve, work together and solve the problems creatively – I am pleased that the specialists of the future, through the teacher training in Nyíregyháza, can now be inspired and playful in school Form to meet exciting science issues ".

Source: Http://www.nye.hu/lego_terem_atadas