Robotics, Coding in Early Childhood – ELTE Conference

The lego education innovation studio trainers of the University of Nyíregyháza presented the method and related tools represented by LEGO Education at the "Robotics, Coding in Early Childhood" conference held on 08.04.2022.

Dr. Nagy Balázs

The conference was organized by the Department of Digital Pedagogy of ELTE TÓK. The event was organized for the fifth time, the topic of which was the development of algorithmic thinking, the foundation of coding and the application of robotics in the 3-10 year old age group.

On behalf of the studio, two presentations were held in the Robotics, Foundation of Coding in the lower grade section:

  • LEGO Education coding options in early childhood – József Mihály Szabó, Anikó Bald
  • Use programmable LEGO Education tools in elementary school – Dr. Balázs Nagy, Krisztina Sebestyén

A conference publication will soon be published in written form about the lectures, which will be shared on our page.

Aniko Bald
Sebestyén Krisztina